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Divya Agarwal to enter big boss house as wild card entry.

Is it Karma playing for Priyank Sharma? I'm stating this with all certainty as per insider news, Divya Agarwal is ready to go into the house as a wildcard entry. Divya Agarwal is a similar young lady who entered Bigg Boss amid the family assignment to give a message to Priyank Sharma.

Priyank Sharma

As indicated by what we had found in the last scene, we saw that Divya was good to go to break her relations, which she even did in a roundabout way. Yet, she additionally gave him all clearness what's occurring with him in Bigg Boss. She even gave him an intense counter meet, as when bigg supervisor said " Priyank, discharge ". Divya fled, with no showdown. This influenced Priyank to feel woeful, and occupied him from his amusement.
Divya Agarwal

               In any case, I think Karma, is good to go to nibble him back, in light of the fact that Divya Agarwal will go into the house and ruin his amusement.

On the off chance that the news is valid, I trust Priyank ought to up his amusement and end up noticeably solid. All things shouldn't ruin his diversion, and he should begin focussing on his amusement and genuine companions.

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