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24 Interesting Things About McDonald's

24 Interesting Things About McDonald's 

Today we will talk about the world's largest fast food company McDonald's You probably have eaten a burger. If you do not eat it, then its restaurant will definitely be seen. Let's increase your knowledge multiplied by this today .
Here are the 24 Interesting facts about McDonald's


1.Bill Gates has McDonald's Gold Card, they can eat as fast as you want fast food.

2. McDonald's was founded by Richard and Maurice in California in 1940. In 1961, it was sold to a man named Kroc for $ 27 lac.

3. McDonald's is on all continents except Antarctica. Today it spreads in 119 countries and more than 3,75,000 people work in it.

4. There are 36,899 McDonald's restaurent in the world at this time. Every 4 hours a new McDonald's is going to open.

5. You can never go more than 185km from McDonald while in America.

6. If talking about the whole world, McDonald consumes 70 million people every day. That means, any 1 out of every 100 people on Earth has eaten food in McDonald today.

7. Since the beginning, McDonald has sold more than 100 crores of burgers.

8. To dig big mac burgers, french fries and a coke, you have to walk straight for 7 hours.
9. McDonald's is the world's largest toy distributor, distributing only 20% of the total sale of toys.

10. More than the + sign of the Catholic Church marks McDonald's golden logo M.

11. The taste of coke found in McDonald's is the best in the world.

12. The first items in the menu of McDonald's are hot dogs, not that hamburgers.

13. The 10 largest BG McDonald in the world is in Hong Kong, here it can also be booked for the wedding party.

14. The world's smallest McDonald restaurant is in Japan's capital Tokyo and the largest capital city of Beijing, which is spread over 0.636 acres.

15. The Empress of England has a mcdonald of herself.

16. France, Germany, Australia, Spain and the Netherlands are 5 countries where beer is also offered in McDonald.

17. North Korea, Bolivia, Bermuda, Montenegro, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Yemen, Kazakhstan and Macedonia 10 countries where McDonald's is a bain.

18. How much money a McDonald employee earns in 7 months, its CEO only earns in 1 hour.

19. 7% of the potatoes grown in the US every year and 0.5% of the potatoes grown in the world goes to McDonald, to make fructose fries. Each year approximately 1 billion 36 million kilos are being used in making potato french fries.

20. Fat of Macdonald burgers is in its salad.

21. Firozi Color in the world has only one McDonald restaurant located in 'Arizona' and is a white color located in 'Paris'. Everything else is of red and yellow color.

22. McDonald has its own Hamburger University, so far 80,000 people have taken degrees. Instead of admission, you have more chances of admission to Harvard University.

23. Each second is selling McDonald's 75 burgers, 46 kg French fries and 31 cup of cups.

24. McDonald's one day's earning is more than 5 billion rupees.

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