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Most Mysterious Royal Message In Spain's History

The exhausting of 'new' themes - which made Ferdinand the world famous. He ruled Spain from the end of the fifteenth century until the beginning of the sixteenth century. He also funded Christopher Columbus's new continents to pay for his travels. Ferdinand II is also recognized as the recipient of the Iberian Peninsula 1492 for years by the Moore community. 
He was brilliant enough to send precise messages to the commanders. It takes about two weeks to send a message to reach the army. At the same time the enemies are more likely to take the message. But there is no escape if anyone seizes only the message of Ferdinandan. Even the angel who is carrying it can not read things in it. Ferdinand writes with such confidentiality. 
Gonzalo or Fernandes was the only one who understood the king's instructions. It was during the Naples struggle in the early 16th century. It was during the war with France for the conquest of the Mediterranean. The king's secret messages were read precisely by Gonzalez. Soon afterwards, in 1504, Naples was in control of Spain. It continued until 1647.
The secret language that only the king's commander could understand was for centuries by experts. Finally, that secret was also scattered. Spanish intelligentsia has read this mysterious 'code' of the king of Aragon. After more than 500 years. It is the secret of the world's largest mystery secret in Spanish history.
Ferdinand's messages will be written in the history of the 500 years before the history of Spain. The king made a very own language. At present, some 20 of the messages were kept in the Spanish Museum of the Spanish Museum. Over 200 special characters were included. The challenge faced by experts at the National Intelligence Center (CNI) was to separate the secret hidden inside them. 
The CNI has been trying for six months to break the secret message within that letter between 1502 and 1506. Experts describe the effort that is "very bad". Ferdinand used a number of symbols, shapes, and phrases to represent a whip down on the alphabet. Two to six characters are added together and converted into each letter. There was no 'space' between words. The King created 237 letters specially added to the secret language. And there are many shaped characters and numbers in the number 88! 

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